Heavies in LSGG

Hey guys! I just landed in LSGG and saw something that I see every time I land at my home airport. I know that on the map it is said that heavies can park in gates 03A and 02 but people need to stop parking there with 777, A330 etc… those aircrafts are too long and their tails in a way “block” the way to aircrafts taxiing in front of the main terminal

Here’s a picture that illustrate the problem.

I know there are only 3 parking spots for heavies available in LSGG according to what we see on the IF’s map but in fact it’s wrong. IRL heavies also have the right to park on the west parkings.

Here you can see an A330 and a B777

I almost forgot that taxiing in front of the terminal (in the inner taxiways) is normally prohibited to large aircrafts because of their wingspan… They should always taxi on the outer taxiway.

The red crosses represent the prohibited area

So yeah, don’t want to argue with anyone ahahah but I think if a maximum of people are aware of that, the experience in LSGG will be better!

Thanks for reading and happy flying! 🤪


@anon36354988 @Captain_Meyer @BorderAviation I need your support on that ahahah


So you are completely right.

Stand 01 to 11 =320family/737family, Emb190/170/220 only. Except Stand 7 where you can park a 757. pos11 reserved for Air France
Satellite 10/20/30/40= max size: 320family/737family, Emb190/170/ A220
Stand 61 à 66: max size: 320/737, Emb190/170/220

Stand for heavy planes: 17.18.19.
85 à 89
all the stands from 67


Actually no, not only 3.
Check the remote where emirates were parking before Aile est opened. And where United parks when they don’t go to aile est, they park at remotes, you can zoom on the map and see the B777 and A333 on these gates. On IF you can park there too with heavies

There’s nothing we can really do, it’s about changing the airport settings regarding the gate, don’t know if the IFAET are supposed to do that

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Thanks for the report! We’ll look into it and see if there’s anything we can fix to change that 👍😊