Heavies Galore @KORD

Ok will you be there Saturday

Most likely not

Awesome! Good to see someone post shots from the east side here!! Fellow Chicago spotter too! =D

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Will you be there sunday

Will you be there saturday Andrew

I won’t be spotting at all this weekend probably

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Unfortunately, no.

Absolutely stunning shots man.

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Wow! The etihad is rocking with the liveries ah!? Great job!

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Wow! What a variety of traffic, and that captured in absolutely fantastic light conditions. Really well done, thanks for sharing!

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It was very nice. These are spread out over three days, and sun on three days out of 5 is magical in the winter! Thank you for the compliment!

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That really sounds excellent!

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When you are at the cargo spots dose sucerity give you a problem

Very rarely do i have any problems

Ok can you DM me the address please
Insta. 787_Dream_

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