Heavies at London Heathrow Pt. 1 - Heathrow Spotting 19/11/21

Spotting @ EGLL 19/11/21, RWY 27L

Hang on there you sus imposter amogus, this isn’t Bristol?!

Spot on, Welcome to my first spotting venture at Heathrow.

Basing myself at the established spotting location, Myrtle Avenue, for a few days, I’ve managed to rack up more variety than a bag of Revels. This will be a multi- part series with an anime filler episode and a redemption arc, consisting of multiple days worth of spotting. With over 150 different aircraft, narrowing down the selection of images has been increasingly hard, so I’m focusing on maximum variety.

Lighting was extremely challenging throughout the duration of my stay, with low visibility, heavy cloud cover, rain and such. Please excuse the sea of grey.

Kicking off, we have SU-GEW, a Boeing 787-9 operated by EgyptAir on a flight inbound from Cairo. See, more variety already!

Next we have VT-ANM, another Boeing 787-8, this time operated by Air India arriving from Goa

Flying in from Doha, we have A7-BBG, a Qatar operated Boeing 777-2DZ(LR). What a majestic aircraft

Having seen her sister in Manchester only recently, A6-EUV was a wonderful catch. An Emirates Airbus A380-842 flying in from Dubai

Howdy! It’s my first spotting of an American flight. Landing very far behind schedule is N722AN, an American Airlines Boeing 777-323(ER). I also spotted an OneWorld AA 777 earlier.

Sure the American is cool, but nothing quite compares to the beauty of British Airways and an Airbus A350-1041, specifically G-XWBB inbound from Dubai. What a gorgeous plane

What’s that, another beautiful A350-941? But of course, its 9M-MAG, operated by Malaysia Airlines in the Negaraku livery, having just flown in from Kuala Lumpur

With no duplicate airlines so far, if this topic were a pack of Pokémon cards, it would be a fantastic haul. Speaking of haul, here’s a long haul Japan Airlines Boeing 777-346(ER) JA739J inbound from Tokyo (coincidentally the home of Pokémon)

I have Virgin Wi-Fi and it’s terrible. Thankfully, this is Virgin Atlantic and thus is superb. Being an Airbus A330-343 G-VKSS inbound from Lagos. Nice to see these still around.

Finishing up the variety sandwich is JA797A, an All Nippon Airways operated Boeing 777-300(ER) having also flown in from Tokyo

That’s all for now, until I edit the 2000 other images. Literally had to go out and buy a 3TB HDD for my PC because I ran out of space.

Also you’ll get a birb, just not in this topic. Trust me, there will be so much birb it’ll be worth the wait.

Gear Used:

Canon EOS 90D
Canon EF L 70-200mm IS USM F4
Canon EF L 24-105mm IS USM F4

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You may want to ask for some better weather next time. Smh.

Sweet shots, nonetheless. Spotting the Superjumbo must’ve been pretty neat!

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I was so annoyed. I held off booking the hotel and coach because I wanted to make sure the weather was spot on. Said it would be mostly sunny with a little bit of cloud.

Arrived there and it was just that cloud crap. Some of the highest diversity at an airport and just muggy horrible weather. Trying again in the summer…


UK moment. Bad luck, good sir

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Where’s the link to the video

“audible confusion”

What video?

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Never mind… was hoping you took a few clips considering the great shots you posted.

And you didn’t even bother tagging me you dirty scoundrel. Your Pret sandwich will be mine the next time I leave it in the sketchy rubbish bin near the petrol station.

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The aircraft are indeed quite different to the Bristol spotting topics 😂 Great pictures!

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You stay away from my sandwich you damn hooligan

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I love this airlin- i mean Shot! Photo GOOD

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I’m glad you like it 🤣

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