Heating issues on Redmi 5 Plus

I have the Redmi 5 Plus (vince) and the game worked perfectly on it before. I had no heating issues. Today I noticed the phone heating up a lot (really hot) while cruising. I had the lowest graphic settings possible and low battery mode on. Also I had limit frame rate on. It just wouldn’t cool down. I just landed from my flight and I’m sitting at the gate (been doing that for an hour) and my phone just doesn’t cool down. I’ve taken it out of the case. I do not have any background apps running. Just for your information, I did a flight of about the same length (20 hours) yesterday too and the phone wasn’t even getting warm.

Check your battery if it is damaged

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Do you usually restart your device before starting a flight?

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I don’t restart my device before starting a flight, but I’ve never had the same issue before

I’ve actually been a bit scared about the battery, because the phone seems to run out of battery really fast and it charges really slowly. That started today.

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Please check your battery if it is damaged. If not, then try to check your CPU and RAM

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I have the Redmi 5A. Even though I don’t have IF installed in this phone, I noticed that while playing PUBG. When the phone was newer, I could play 2h straight without getting warm. After some time it started to heat more, as yours did.
I believe this problem comes from the Phone’s Age, as time passes it starts to heat more easily.
Also, did you clean the trash before playing? Might be it

My phone is fairly new, only a month or two old. Also I did not have the issue yesterday, it started today.

How would I check the battery for any damage?

There have been reports of Redmi devices getting hot whilst playing games all of a sudden, so I would definitely get it checked out before anything major happens.

Go to options-Battery and performance, analyse battery usage. It must tell you if there is something wrong

Infinite Flight battery usage is 98%. I don’t think there’s anything wrong there

If the battery expands, It’s a sign that your battery isn’t safe. If you can’t access your battery, better to go a expert / cell shop to look at.

Also, try using this APP:

If that doesn’t work, you may want to check this:

Wait, 98% of the battery usage is from IF?

Yeah. That’s expected, I’ve only had IF on since the last charge.


Is there any chance that you were at a place where there is a higher external temperature than usual?

Finland (I live there) is a pretty cold place and it’s cold outside, the phone was hot even outside and no, I have not been in warm / hot places today or yesterday.

Check your RAM and CPU. if your RAM and CPU is full of use then try to delete some unused apps. Clear cache and data too.

My phone has 400Mb of RAM free, not sure about CPU usage. RAM shouldn’t affect it though