Views after take off
Flying over Folkstone
35 minutes out till landing
On approach into Vienna (Runaway16 to be precise lol)

Speedbird 696, Number 1, clear to land, runaway 16

I’m surprised I landed in this fog
Last pic of my landing in Vienna. Had to do a last minute go around but I had a great flight and it was my first international flight


You should ultra lung haul ya know 10+ hours fights

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Is fun the view and everything

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Yeh i was thinking of doing Heathrow to Los Angeles or Sydney this week but I need to find some time as I’m busy with exams

Well by doing ULH flights you might be less distracted by your phone :)

What is the app called in the last picture.
Can I get it on my Android.

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My longest was 6 hours

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Infinite tracker- it’s a free app and yes u can get it on phone

lol mines 15