Heathrow to Seattle, in Pictures!

Hi all!
This morning i decided to make a long 10 hour flight from EGLL (heathrow) to KBFI (Seattle)


Time: 10:30
Route: EGLL - KBFI
Server: Training
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
Livery: British Airways
Date: Sunday 15th August, 2021

Holding short RW26R


Snowdonia National Park, Wales

Somewhere over Canada

Short Final, with the mountain in view


Parked at the Gate


Bu- but why…

Nice photos tho

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Looks awesome great job 🤘👏

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Looks very nice! But why KBFI if I may ask?

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Thats a pretty nice view of Mt. Rainier

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Lets just say i miscalculated fuel so i was meant to land at KLAX but umm yeah


Nice pictures! Love mt Rainer pic

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Does anyone know if KSEA is in the works for a 3D airport?

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Not sure but it probably will be since its a fairly big airport

That’s what I was thinking. I mean Nellis AFB is a 3D airport and Seattle isn’t?! It’s shocking to me.

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Ah the classic takeoff with no flaps and park in the middle of nowhere.

Nice photos tho


they addded some bad 3d airports that no one uses