Heathrow to Muscat in the 787

Hey guys :) ,
I thought my Edinburgh topic would be the last topic for the week as I really try my best not to clutter the section too much, but after careful consideration, I decided this would be the last topic this week :) . For those who know me, I do not do long hauls very often in Infinite flight so… these pictures I am sharing here are extra special :) . These pictures were mostly taken around 2 hours in, to 6 hours in during the flight. This flight is also special because one of the real life pilots I look up to flew this exact route last week on the 787. She made Muscat sound like a fantastic place with scenic views so I just had to fly it, and she was right. The views definitely did not disappoint :) . Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend :) .


Your photos and stories are just continually getting better and better! Keep it up!


Wow I must have to try and fly out to Muscat one of these days great shots 👍

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Thank you :) appreciate it :)

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The 7th pic shows that u are not on the centreline.

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Interesting route, I might try it myself. Also, amazing pictures!

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That one I took as I was starting to exit the runway :)

Nice pictures! I love using the 787 family on long hauls.