Heathrow to Los Angeles

This was Virgin Atlantic’s flight 7, EGLL-KLAX (LHR-LAX). Total flight time was about 10 hours and 7 minutes.

Taxiing to 26L at Heathrow

A British Airways A319 takes off bound for Gibraltar; I’m next! ![image|830x383](upload://mbi84N2n7EyNCfYoZKl7NjXS6LZ

Lining up, then tucking my gear as I start my journey to the city of angels.

Slowing down about 9.5 hours later after being put in 2 holding patterns across the Pacific.

On downwind for 24R at LAX


Taxiing off the active to park!


Hi! This looks like it was a fun flight. However, screenshots with buttons or displays are not allowed to be posted.


If you go into replay and select the camera button, you can automatically take screenshots without any displays.

Neet! I tried LHR to SFO once in a virgin plane, my mom took my phone away

Posted by accident.

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