Heathrow to Düsseldorf Expert Server

Aircraft type: Airbus A350
Carrier: Lufthansa
Route: EGLL - EDDL
Expert Server
Full Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mmkm4Xl3bfE&feature=share

Taxing to RWY27R

Lining up 27R

Climbing to cruise


Sorry to be the format police, but the #screenshots-and-videos rules don’t permit the showing of the HUD and name tags in your photos. You can easily crop them out in a simple photo editor, then you’ll be good.

On a positive side, nice photos, And great editing at the start of the video!

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Ahh alright thanks I’ll update the screens


Nice video! Though you rotated with too much speed. Next time, rotate at about 140-160 knots to avoid the speed rule.


Thanks for this, I’ll keep that in mind for future flight 😁


I also need to get higher quality screen grabs lol. Oh well it’s a learning.

You can go into Replay mode, there’s a specific Screenshot button you can use to get amazing photos. Remember to higher the graphics when doing so!