Heathrow Spotting! (I think one of my eardrums got blown out)

Hello! Welcome to PT 2 of my spotting in Europe!

Today we have the second city I visited. London. And to go along with it, I spotted at London Heathrow, at the amazing Myrtle Avenue! Man it will be tough to choose 10 photos for this post.

I would like to start off this gallery with one of the most beautiful planes in the sky. The A330neo. Here it is, in the Delta livery! This one was arriving from Seattle SEA-TAC!

Next up is yet another A330neo. This one is my my favorite livery on the A330neo, Virgin Atlantic.
G-VEII was arriving from Miami!

Here is an Emirates A380 in the new livery! My first time spotting the new Emirates livery (I have mixed feelings about it, it looks okay)! This exact plane also arrived at SFO the day I arrived back, ironically. Of course, this guy was coming from Dubai.

Here is a very underrated livery on the A321neo. Eurowings. I love it! This one was arriving from Dusseldorf.

My first time spotting the ultra rare -400 varient of the 767! In my opinion is looks much better. Delta arriving from Atlanta!

Now I may be an American, but we do not get any heavy American Airlines aircraft at SFO as it is a United Airlines hub. Yet again a first time ever spot, an American 777-300ER!

In what is probably one of my favorite, if anything my favorite A320neo family liveries, here is an SAS A320neo!

Here is a pretty rare sight! A Royal Jordanian 787-8 from Amman!

By far my favorite livery on the A350. British Airways! I was so happy to see so many of these here!

Malta Air is ceasing operations in March as the government of Malta is creating a new national airline. Glad I was able to spot this A320neo before I can’t anymore!

There are at least 5 or 6 more spots I would like to add to this list, but as the limit is 10 photos, then I have to stop here.

Tell me which photo you liked best!

  • 1 (Delta A339)
  • 2 (Virgin A339)
  • 3 (Emirates A388)
  • 4 (Eurowings A21N)
  • 5 (Delta B764)
  • 6 (American B77W)
  • 7 (SAS A20N)
  • 8 (Royal Jordanian B788)
  • 9 (British Airways A35K)
  • 10 (Malta Air A20N)
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Thank you all for reading!
(and yes, I do believe one of my eardrums blew out)


Nice pictures! My favourite was the American 77W


thank you! appreciate it!

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Great photos. I see you got the true Heathrow weather experience with barely an inch of sun in sight!

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this angle makes the gear look so disproportionate


I hope I can go spotting when I go to Kahului. I hope I get these results you did. (Really good) yes @Flyin.Hawaiian im actually going to Kahului! My cousins live there btw. In like Paia. I’m probably wrong.

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have fun!!!

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in what way?

Great shots! Love that Virgin A330-900neo especially. Nice work!

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thank you!

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