Heathrow Spotting 03/17: New Camera!

Also @MishaCamp, do you catch any Korean Air planes? Would love to see some.

Nice. Sky is a little too blue for my taste though. Like the idea though!


Not sure. I have a whole database that I can pull from that’s has many.

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Not quite. I come back on the second of April meh

Get a picture of the A350! Qatar use it for their London routes along with all their other aircraft apart from the A320 family aircraft

That PIA 777 though.

I have loads but they’re in my own collection. These are two ones I wasn’t going to keep.



I love the first and third ones the best! 😍

I always always look forward to spotting threads by you Misha. My favorite photo was of the Cathay Pacific. Man your camera takes amazing photos. Thank you for sharing. (Secretly, I love the Qatar ones…those sunglasses man. Ca go wrong with a pair of shades)

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Great pics Misha!
My favorite ones are
The second (more zoomed) BA 777
The Cathay 777
The Star Alliance A319 (that somehow looks like IF)

Nice! That thing costs something like 4000$

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Not that much. Still, was a big investment. Great camera, but it has downfalls. I don’t like how it’s mirrorless, the digital display, and it has no built in flash, you need to buy an external flash, which is expensive. Overall, great camera, I love it.

Great set of pictures Misha :)

My favourite was the BA 777 zoomed out :)

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For the editing of aircraft - less is more. I wouldn’t recommend editing much more than you did in that personal image you shared with us (nice job of that btw). In honesty, over-editing aircraft photos sucks.


@MishaCamp what camera did you use before you got the 760 ?

Pentax K-r. It was so old and dirty

The last one is also favorite to me, several times I was flying with that plane, Croatia Airlines 319 Star Alliance livery.

I’m under the current flight path tell me when the emerates a380 lands

Maybe just look up pal

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