Heathrow Spotting 03/17: New Camera!

Got myself a nice new camera and two lenses so I took them out for a whirl at Heathrow. They will all be on my Instagram (link below) in the coming months but sneak preview just for you guys. These aren’t the best ones (keeping them for personal use) but they are amongst the alright ones I have kept. The quality is so much better than before though.

All photos are unedited or cropped (bar a few to get unded size limit) and are as taken. I would like to start editing my photos properly so if anyone knows some good free/cheap software let me know!

I tried something different this time with close ups of the aircraft. My 55-250 is good for this I think. Enjoy and please only use with permission from myself.

Instagram: @heathrow_aviation_photography

This last one is a favourite of mine and the only one from my personal collection I am going to show you guys. This is the only one I have mildly edited. Not sure what I think about it yet:


These are some very nice pictures misha! Allot of BA’s and allot of 777’s

Amazing photos!!! Very very nice men. For phone editing use lightroom. The same software is for computer but it´s 12 euros per month for me…don´t know in pounds

great photos as always!

What camera did you get? Photos are plenty good, so it must be working out.

Personally, I think that the first photo that you have listed on your post looks simply amazing!

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WOW! Amazing! Love these pictures.

Canon 760D. I have the 10-18, 18-135 and 55-250 EF-S lenses which are pretty good, especially the middle one.


That’s a good setup for more then just spotting. The issue with mine is I only have a 55-300, so it isn’t the best for anything else except long range. I have a Sony A7rii.

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Nice pics, PIA is rare to find

I must have about 500+ photos just of BA aircraft alone (at a minimum). They’re everywhere at LHR (surprise surprise!).

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I saw the Turkmenistan 757 and the Qatar A350 again which were pretty cool too. Saw an SAS 320neo for the first time but couldn’t get a good photo as was in the terminal.

LHR is just a great airport​, Lucky you

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Great photos!
Funnily enough, I was at Heathrow today…
Might have seen you!

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Doubt it considering this was on Wednesday 😉

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Unless I can time travel but let’s not go there

If you’re there on 5th April you may see me. Flying to Rome that day and will do some spotting first (weather dependant).

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Nice photos! Have you tried Adobe Photoshop express?

I have yes. Lightroom is good too and I will try Snapseed (I think?) soon.

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Already gave it a go. Hope you don’t mind 😁