Heathrow- Saint Martin

Although it is an unrealistic route for this aircraft and plane, I felt like it…
-Boeing 777-300ER
-British Airways
-Flight time: 10 hours 30 mins.

Pics from busy LHR, early morning.

Flying over Greenland

Turning over the famous Rome Griffiss Air Force base!

New York new yorkkkkkk

Landing on the famous runway 10 at Saint Martin!

Comment your favorite pic!


I’m sorry, but you need to crop image 8 to comply with the rules of #screenshots-and-videos. Great shots!


what annoys me is the lufthansa a330 at heathrow 😭

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Ikr lol (limit)

Didn’t even realize I didn’t crop that one, thanks anyway

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Ha, I am that American airlines triple 7 at london Heathrow i was getting ready for my flight to Raleigh-Durham north carolina

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Cool! (Limit)