Heathrow Pause grounding fails miserably

Thanks to @Delta319 for bringing this up, as I had completely forgotten about this until he brought it up.

Heathrow pause is a climate change activist group who had attempted to shut down air traffic by grounding flights at London’s Heathrow airport by flying drones in the 5km exclusion zone to bring awareness to climate change. Their protest was an absolute failure for a technical and logistics standpoint, being met with an overwhelming police presence and electronic countermeasures that jammed the signals of the drones, as a result, there were no delays aside from normal operation at the airport. Many of the protesters were arrested and are now facing charges in the UK criminal court, with some of the charges carrying possible life sentences.

In my opinion, the actions of the police and the airport were a great counter to the dangerous activities committed by the protesters. I’m pretty sure we all know how dangerous debris can be to the engines of aircraft, which is why I think the court system should throw the book at these people. Already this year, we have seen people get away with dangerous actions against aircraft and their occupants (throwing rocks on an active taxiway) which is why I think making an example out of these people is a great idea. On another note, 2% of global emissions are caused by the aviation industry, with more fuel-efficient engines being developed with almost every single family of aircraft being produced these days. Companies know they need to reduce emissions and are taking steps to do so, with improvements in aerodynamics and propulsion, so this protest feels entirely moot and useless to me. If anything, in the eyes of many, they hurt their cause by attempting to endanger the lives & livelihoods of others.


That is hilarious.


So don’t get me wrong… Drones don’t work at Heathrow?


These are the kinds of people who drive their own cars and don’t use public transport. Oh, and when asked how would they travel from London to New York, they would say “swim”.

Pathetic, really :/


After the drone issue at Gatwick, Heathrow purchased military-grade drone jammers, so I guess not anymore, take a look at the video, it’s the most comedic thing I’ve seen today.


This is actually hilarious! 😂

I needed this laugh. I have gone through too much this week, (Got falsely accused of sexual harassment because some idiot wants publicity and revenge over a girl that me and him like, but she’s already told him no. I’ve been proven innocent, but still…) and I actually needed this.

Climate change will happen. It’s part of the cycle that the Earth and whatever goes through. It astounds me to hear of all the ridiculous ways that people are “stopping the world from melting” and all of that.

Anyway, I hope that these people get what they deserve. Flying drones near an airport is no joke.

Also, very nice post!


Well… urm… uhhhhh…

I got no words for this this is too funny.



We fail miserably because you can’t mess with the RAF…


Who says they weren’t just trying to get that free cam picture like on IF?


They need to realize that it’s wayyyy more fuel efficient to fly instead of driving. These people need to be locked up. And if people want to stop emissions they should look at China.


People these days are honestly SO dumb it’s a mixture of it being both funny and sad



Love it. What better way is there to describe it? 😂


No harm with climate protests, or any kind of peaceful protests. Just don’t purposely try affect other’s air travel. 😣


Throie boi. I DMed the kid, me and him got into a pretty heated argument.


I’m all for trying to reduce our global carbon footprint, but walking around in a field holding a drone is just not the way to do it… 😂


Who’s idea was it to fly drones near an airport as a protest, dumbest thing I’ve heard 😂.


It’s about time Heathrow had this jamming technology. My local airport has had it fir a while. It’s down to the airports to invest in it, nit wait for government hand outs.

Protestors attempted to go something similar by cycling in circles around the roundabout outside the airport exit, this was to cause huge traffic jams and cause havoc. These idiots don’t realise that all they are doing is delaying normal everyday folk, only 20% or so using the main road into the city are going to the airport so it’s causing unnecessary excess pollution if you ask me. Plus drivers were getting frustrated and just driving through them, it was a failure, the police moved them out of the way and cars ignored them.


Lol good measures taken by the airport tbh. Gotta keep a large operation like that one running at all times.


While this is a pretty good idea, LHR needs to look into some counter-measures for manual drones, aka kites.
Never know when Gatwick or LHR might get shut down because of a kite.


I do hope these people get very severely punished.

They are putting people at risk, needlessly delaying flights and making people lose connections.

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Good. Climate change is a issue, but we don’t need to put hundreds of lives in danger for a protest.

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