Heathrow lag

Do you also have the problem that you just bug at London Heathrow. Well that’s normal but I want to share you a accident in Heathrow. I was on my way by my VA (BAVA) from EIDW-EGLL then suddenly when I was shortly before Landing I just stopped at 700ft like 10 Seconds. And then I went on to 600 and stopped again. So my question is: Does the whole airport stop or just me? And: Is this a problem of the servers? Because I don’t think it’s because of my phone (Samsung Galaxy S8+)

The answer to your question can be found in this thread. Post #38

Also this post should be in #support

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Fly the aircraft, or go anywhere! Are you referring to aircraft on the tarmac?t

it happens when too crowdy or too many aircraft at the airport. Fly somewhere else for less lag.

Even if it is busy at the airport, it shouldn’t lag on the Galaxy S8+. I have got the S8 and I can land at busy airports without any problems.

Im using Samsung S8+ too. when i participate Singapore VA event few weeks ago, i experience some lag too. Try to clear cache some apps or reinstall the app. It helps. Check Internet or Wifi connection too.

It’s an international airport so it’s filled with planes. Less planes=less lag :)
I’m running an iPad Pro 10.5 fine there!

Tank you Very much!!!

Yes I Know thats normal

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I flew this Route because My Va flies there.

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