Heathrow Hotel Spotting

As I promised in my London and Paris trip report, I would upload pictures from my time spotting at Heathrow Airport. A number of special liveries came through, some of which I have attached. These photos were taken from the Holiday Inn Express Heathrow T4, room 528. London and Paris trip report

A brand new Ethiopian Airlines Airbus A350-900 making a smoky landing on Runway 27L. This was my first time seeing an aircraft painted in the Star Alliance livery.

An Air China Boeing 787-9 taxiing by T4 to Runway 27L, w/ double beacon action.

A lil’ Flyby De Havilland Dash 8 Q400 after touchdown on 27L. I want to fly on one of these here in the US before Horizon Air retires them permanently in 2023.

The first special livery of the many I saw at Heathrow, this Saudia Boeing 787-9 painted in the 75 Years livery.

Just your everyday Japan Airlines 77W.

A behemoth Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 beginning the smoke. This was my first time seeing an A380 in person.

This Lufthansa Airbus A320neo is painted in the Lovehansa livery, which this plane dawns every year in June, and carries it for six months to show Lufthansa’s support for the LGBTQIA+ community.

A personal favorite of mine, this LOT Polish B7M8 taxiing by wearing the 100 Years of Polish Independence livery. This livery is transcribed in English on one side of the plane, and Polish (no surprise) on the other half. Poland became a free nation in 1919.

Another special livery, an Emirates Airbus A380 in the 50th anniversary livery, commemorating 50 years since the United Arab Emirates was founded, with six emirates.

The one special livery I mentioned in my London and Paris trip report, the Etihad Airways Boeing 78X painted in the Greenliner livery at a gate. This one was taken while navigating the maze that is Heathrow Terminal 3 to get to passport control.


Those shots are incredible!


Wonderful shots bro ! ;) Keep on like that !

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Thanks! I actually looked at how many airlines serviced Heathrow that I had yet to see prior to departure, I think it was around 141 total between pax and cargo. I got 61 new airlines over the three airports we visited on that trip (LHR, ORY and JFK, 49 of those at Heathrow alone)

I hope to go back to Heathrow soon and do nothing but spot all day.

When these were taken, I was there with a group from school, so when we were out n’ about London, a lot of stuff was coming in that I missed, so revenge spotting if you will 😂

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Loving the first shot!😎

Amazing photos! :)

Man, your so lucky to see so many special liveries. Keep up the good work!

Amazing shots! Don’t lose your bag!

There were plenty of special liveries that came in while I was away from the hotel. 'Tis why I want to go back to Heathrow ASAP (soon-to-be college student, so might be a next summer thing), to try and catch those special liveries I missed, plus any new ones that may spawn in that time.

edit: For example, FR24 says Etihad’s Manchester City livery landed at Heathrow today, at 12:19pm local, and that’s one of the liveries I’m after, along with their Formula One livery.

Oh the formula one Etihad had came to Washington, D.C (that’s my home/local airport)

I also might go on the Emirates A380 this year

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