Heathrow Ground Timelapse (EGLL)

Hello! This time I’m back with a ground timelapse, since I had a really fun session controlling everyone around on the ground, and it makes for a really mesmerizing video. London was featured both on Saturday and Sunday, and I decided to hop on right in the morning for America, which means traffic! I had a really fun time collaborating with the whole EGLL team, we worked splendidly together to provide an amazing service to expert. My team consisted of, @ShaneAviation (Ground), @SamC (Tower), @TRDubh (North Approach), @Alejandro_Castaneda (South Approach), and @Sashaz55 (Center). When deciding to take ground, I had remembered @Trio’s post, which can be found here, about how ground should take ATIS, and boy, he was right. With how busy Heathrow was, ground had the least of worries with all of the controller changes and directions with approaches, it really makes the most sense if ground has it, thanks for the tip @Trio! Overall, thanks to everyone that came out and to everyone that helped while controlling, enjoy the video!


Yessss! I see myself in this video!

Amazing timelapse!


Thanks MJP, I appreciate the everlasting support! ;)

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Very nice time-lapse, I’m glad that tip helped!


Love these timelapse! Was very fun working with you on tower!

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During all of these timelapse videos, I always want to see myself but I never do. Nonetheless, great video!

Yeah, with all the changing of approaches and circumstances overall, it was much better that ground had control of it since I wasn’t working on a detailed plan and managing 50+ aircraft in a particular way that requires constant attention.

Thanks Sam! We should control together some time soon again. ;)

Thank you very much! I’m sure you’ll get in there some time, I love making these videos and don’t plan on stopping as long as I’m in IFATC! :)


I see myself landing 27L at 0:55, Speedbird 2591 👀

Definitely is beautiful timelapse, one of the most satisfying and best I’ve seen yet, so much activity! Keep the amazing timelapses up Shane! Ground with the airport maps is so satisfying 😍

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Nice time lapse @ShaneAviation! Keep up the good work!

Amazing video! We definitely all had a good session 🍻🤩 @ShaneAviation

Great timelapse Shane!! What an amazing session!

Another great timelapse Shane!!!

Thank you all, much appreciated!


Yay I made the cut just before the video ended! I came in from Dallas! Here are some photos from the journey!

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For the first time in my life, I’m very happy that I didn’t get a feature. I ended up flying in to EGLL over the weekend; going around twice because I bodged the approach…

Wow great timelapse! Even saw me in there

Super satisfied after watching that @ShaneAviation! Great job their mate and keep theas coming as I do love them very much. We must tagg together in one 😉!