Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and London City Systems Crash!

All the airports stated in the title had to go onto a manual checking system due to system crashes, for the past 2 hours these airports have been unable to print boarding passes, check in passengers on the systems and or print out tags.

This article is just for Heathrow, sources which can’t be found by myself anymore were on the daily for MSN.

EDIT: All that were controlled happened if they were running BA systems.


I guess this year isn’t a good year for British Airways…

I believe this is the second time this issue happened with BA’s system


Well, they are out in multiple airports unfortunately for them.

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Sounds a little similar to Delta’s nationwide system crash a couple of years ago.

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I’m not sure Stansted can afford all those planes…

It says it happened on Wednesday morning, so why are you saying Inthe past two hours

Sir, I am in a different timezone…

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