Heathrow Community Meetup 2022 | Spotting With a Phone

London Heathrow Community Meetup

Hi there,

Last weekend, I have been on an adventurous trip to London to go plane spotting for the first time ever. It has been a pleasure to meet some of our community members. What an unforgettable experience, I can’t wait for our next encounter :) I am excited to see more photos from other members of this sunny day!

I am not equipped with a professional camera or any gear suited for spotting so I used my phone for photos and videos. Don’t expect the best quality of images, I still have a lot to learn. Never knew I would come this far on a phone. I’m impressed by the results and I’d love to show a couple of them.

JA742J from Tokyo

Air Canada B789 from Vancouver

Saudia Dreamliner landing on 27R (I don’t remember which IFC member is on this photo but nice cap)

Personally, my favourite aircraft of the day.
ANA Star Wars Livery from Tokyo.

KLM B738 from Amsterdam. The airline that almost ruined our trip to London.

G-XWBI A35K from @Kamryn city

Here’s D-AEAP, a 28 year old DHL A306 arriving from Amsterdam.

A6-EED from Dubai

This photo has three important elements:

  1. @Infinite_Qantas’ hair
  2. A traffic sign
  3. An Asiana A359 from Seoul

Also one of my favourites, a British airways in retro colours from Madrid.

The end

All photos were taken by a Samsung Galaxy S21+

Very nice pics! Looks like a fun time in London :D

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why are these better quality than some people’s camera photos


Nice pics :) Thanks for making the effort to come out despite the setbacks, it was great to meet you!


I’m surprised you didn’t get my head in any of those photos after all the times I stood in front of you 😂. Good results on the photos especially with how they were taken! :)


Nice pictures! It was great to meet you!


Nice to meet you too Chris! I loved the chocolates 😋

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Hey that’s @FlyAmisLV he’s not a very active user anymore


My favorite pics. Just so amazing, wow!! 🤩🤩

Nice topic, awesome Photos🙏🏽💜 I should do a topic too😅


That looks amazing for a phone!

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Thanks! Now I remember It. Had a nice conversation with him.

Ikr! Did some photo editing here and there
Happy with the results

He’s a very nice guy

Considering these were all taken on a phone is fantastic!

I recently took a picture with my iPhone 12 mini and was amazed how good the picture came out after some light room edits!

That hair though😍😍😍


Love this one!

Those pics are insane! Well done!

absolutely spectacular picture, thought it was MSFS for a sec


Like ya cut g

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