Heathrow Chaos

So here i am on Final for RW09R in the New BA 772 which is just amazing then i have to go around due to a aircraft taking off on the opposite side of RW09R which is RW27L and then i go around and My app crashes different story now i am lining up onto RW09R to go to LEMD and as soon as i look up there is a Aircraft speeding down the Opposite side of the runway and i have try and get off the runway it is absolute nonsense how do you not know what runway is in use you should know that on EXPERT SERVER it is abit sad i know everyone is hyped about all the new features and wanting to use them but please just know the runways that are in use so you don’t spoil the fun of others

I think you can report to the relevant authorities isn’t it? If you remembered the name of the aircraft involved, I think there should be a way for reporting.

I was just there planning for a flight. The wind was something like 030@3 if I’m not mistaken? A lot of pilots don’t understand wind direction, especially when all the runways appear “green” on the map. While the 27’s should’ve been active in this case, some pilots just want to use the closest runway to them unfortunately.

Thanks for the report. I will look into it