Heathrow Baggage Handlers ‘Break Free’

In honour of Freddie Mercury’s birthday, possibly one of the greatest musicians of all time who was the vocalist of the fantastic band Queen - Baggage handlers at Heathrow airport have created a tribute dance for him because before Freddie’s rise to fame, he too was also a baggage handler.

I thought this was a refreshing video and shows the love so many people still have for him and his links to aviation at one of the world busiest airports is certainly surprising.

Happy birthday Freddie, he would be 72 today!

News article below



I had no idea he was a baggage handler. Great to see people are still paying tribute to this legend!


What a Nice tribute! Didn’t know FM was a bagagem handler though. You always learn something new everyday!
There are some things that are making me curious:
Heathrow is a super busy Airport, mostly full of people, so, why is the airport kinda empty? Was it filmed during the time when no flights arrive or depart? Why did some people have posters with yellow letters, which seem to cheer them, like the show was scheduled?

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It was in the arrivals area and likely next to an unused baggage belt. They likely cleared the area once you go through to the arrivals board area for the dancing and all that.


This is funny only if GSX did this 😂

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