Heathrow Approach

Just noticed this when I was just setting up a flight plan. One of the approaches seems to be wrong into Heathrow. It’s the only one that seems to be wrong. Just thought I’d share.!


There are many apprs like this

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They might be a missing waypoint or two. After all, this is a brand new concept that has just been released. It will be added on to and fixed in upcoming updates.

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Awesome, just thought I’d share as it’s one of the busy airports.

And it’s a very commonly used Star that irl from all the arrivals from the south east.

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I think the issue here is that the STAR is referencing a distance from Goodwood VOR, we’re interpreting it as part of the STAR instead. It’s a good catch which I’ll look into, thank you!

(fyi, I removed the chart - avoid posting charts on here in the future, we’ve had copyright infringements in the past, thanks!)


In addition to what Cam said some STARs will not line you up with the runway. There are plenty that require the pilot to complete the transition to final.


Just for reference/clarification, posting public links to charts is fine though, right?

It depends, some countries (such as the US with the FAA) publish charts which are freely available which can be shared, whereas others are prepared commercially by Jeppesen, NavBlue, etc. - those shouldn’t be.


Ok, that’s how I normally try to do it already, so glad that that’s all right. Thanks for the reply!

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