Heathrow APPR timelapse

Hey, can you tell me how i can improve my ATC, but note this is training server so half the people don’t follow instructions, thanks!


Sadly people on Training server will ignore you a lot of the time. Best bet is to become IFATC with ground and tower, then later on making your way up to radar.

I can definitely tell you on Expert it’s WAYYYYYY easier with these 3 commands:

  • “Please follow instructions”

  • “Please follow instructions or you will be ghosted”

  • “Check tutorials on the forums to use ATC commands”


I can confirm since I just controlled tower at Heathrow for an hour. Sometimes it even seems like people are having fun while ignoring ATC instructions.


awesome attempt! Though crowded airports in TS are not the best places to practice your ATC skills.

I suggest practicing tower and ground first also avoid airports like EGLL as there’re many trolls there. If you really wanna learn approach, here’s a tip I sent to one of my IFATC friends hours ago. Hope this helps.

“For initial vector (around 50nm ofc), point them directly to the airport reference point and descend them down to 11000-12000ft AAL (depending on east/westbound). At around 25nm, descend them down to 7,000-8,000ft and slow them down if necessary. Usually the initial speed command I give is do not exceed 220kts, and give it to the aircraft behind always. And trust me, do not exceed is much better than exact speed so you don’t need to send too many speed commands. On base, I usually send a speed command of 180kts. Give yourself a ±10kts offset in case they slow down to extreme low speed, e.g. do not exceed 210kts on downwind. When aircrafts are close to the outer range ring, turn them downwind and descend them down to 4,000-5,000ft. A simple thumb rule here: Inner cone altitude > Outer cone altitude. Turn them base when they reach the end of the cone, so that they can have a 3-5nm spacing outside the cone to ensure a smooth intercept, and give yourself some space to correct mistakes if needed. For base turn, descend them directly to clearance altitude, usually 3,000ft-4,000ft is fine. I use a very simple way to determine when to intercept. Point the aircraft to the end of the cone and see if it reaches 30 degrees. If it reaches, turn them. If not, don’t turn them. And remember, fix spacing with vectors, and altitudes. Consider using speed at last.”

Also, read the ATC manual. It helps a lot with getting familiar with different approach types.


Yeah i’m going for IFATC hopefully when my 60 day ghost is over, thanks for the tips much appreciated :D

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Yeah i know that’s so true, but it’s either heathrow where it’s very very busy or an airport with no traffic at all that’s the training server 😂

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ohhhhh thanks i will definitely use that :)


Great video, I like to o that when I’m bored and I don’t have a lot time to do a flight

What did you do to get a 60 day ghost?

I was very new to grade 3 and the ATC said cleared for take off fly runway heading until 6000ft and i turned left at 3000ft, my mistake 😂

Oh right, but 60 days??? That’s strict man

It’s not 60 days. Still a normal 7 day report, but he has to wait 60 days from his most recent report in order to be eligible for IFATC (hence the 60 day part).

Well done with the video!

My suggestion for you is that maybe you could start an ATC tracking thread! The community along with myself are always here and happy to help you practice your ATC skills! You can find the tutorial on how to make one here!

Good luck! I hope to see you controlling the Expert Server skies soon!

Ohhh I see thanks