Heathrow Airport Expansion

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I’ll be honest and say I’m struggling to see how they can justify it. I hadn’t even factored in the Carbon Footprint! I’d thought improving transport links and the infrastructure (in terms of terminal buildings and runway length) in the existing, already relatively local airports would be the better and cheaper option. Usual narrow-minded BS from those in high places, maybe I’m being cynical but it smells a bit like someone’s pockets will be getting lined. And not those of the locals!

Must admit that I am a big fan of expanding Gatwick. It already has great transport links into central London as well as the Motorway but also there is a bit more room for an extra runway!

Another almost ‘silent’ option would be to expand a more UK Central Hub airport such as Birmingham or East Midlands. We are already building HS2 so this should be a perfect example of ‘linked up’ transport links!

Isn’t the issue with Gatwick is that it’s in leafy Surrey and the rich middle class people round them parts would spill their Prosecco if there was any additional noise from those nasty aeroplanes? :-)

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It would be so cool if there comes a new runway

Manchester is a bit far north… ;-)

@Leodhasach think technically LHR is also Surrey…I live just down the M3 road on the Hampshire / Surrey / Berkshire border!

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I live in London and this has been debated to death on talk radio etc. The simple fact is if you build another runway at an airport you will p**s off a group of people somewhere, so there’s no correct decision that will make everyone happy.

My 2 cents, for what they’re worth, is to just get on and do it at Heathrow. It already has the infrastructure and transport links, the name and reputation as one of the world’s leading airports in arguably the world’s greatest city. It’s the airport that people want to fly into and most importantly it’s already established as the main hub to connect to other cities.

The idea of expanding Manchester, Birmingham or anywhere else so far away from London is just ridiculous. Who would want to fly into an airport 150 - 200 miles away from their final destination or connection ? Would you ?

And by the way @Leodhasach some of the people living on Heathrow’s flightpath in the affluent areas of SW London will be crying into Champagne, not Prosecco ! I’m not sure the wealth of those affected will influence the final decision.


certainly expanding an existing airport is much better than building a new one…ala Boris Island!

Regarding expanding of East Midlands or Birmingham ( would say that Manchester is too far North for a central UK Airport) then as the HS2 is being built this would be an ideal fast way into Central London (49 mins) which is only 20min more that the current Heathrow Express.

Also those in the North of the country would save 150- 200 miles. Am guessing if they built / extended runways at a airport other than LHR they wouldn’t then close down LHR and return it to farmland?

BTW I live to SW of the flight path and more of a GnT man!

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I’m 5 miles in the area from LHR

I guess that depends on whether them in the big house on the Thames really mean what they say about a ‘Northern Powerhouse’. In which case it makes sense to increase the capacity at these airports. But that’s possibly conflating two separate issues.


Absolutely the idea of expanding Manchester, Birmingham etc (if the demand exists of course) is a good idea, but certainly not as a substitution for Heathrow. The point I hear made a lot is that Heathrow is a hub airport and is used by many travellers to catch connecting flights to other destinations. But it’s losing out to the likes of Schipol and Frankfurt which have so much more capacity, we should be taking that traffic not letting these other Eurpoean airports steal it from under our noses.

On the whole flightpath issue I’m afraid I have little sympathy, large noisy jets have been flying over SW London for the best part of 40 years, anyone who has bought a house in those areas within that time knew what to expect. I love that the residents of Putney, Richmond, Wandsworth etc complain about noise, I frequently work in those areas and it’s really not that bad, the aircraft are still at 2500ft + when going over. My parents had friends who lived in Hounslow and that was noisy, maybe 500ft above the house (I used to love going there !)

Also I can’t see why having a third runway would make more noise for these residents, there are only a certain number of planes can use a runway per hour, surely all these new flights would be using the new runway whose flightpath would be nowhere near their properties ?

Finally @David_Lockwood I’m pretty sure Heathrow is in Middlesex (though don’t quote me on it !)

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If they say no to Heathrow expansion, I guarantee there will be airlines ordering more A380s to compensate.

Heathrow seems so wasteful, I would like to see Gatwick get the new runway if it is a choice between the two.

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Although HS2 would be a great link from Birmingjam down to London, an expansion in the Capital itself would be far more convenient. Many passengers would avoid an airport if it meant an extra train journey of that kind of distance.

I’d personally like to see Heathrow get the extension. It’s the busiest Hub in Europe and by expanding Gatwick then many flights will transfer over from Heathrow which will make both airports fair sized hubs. A hub airport works by having No local competition as it is ment to be a stop off point for connections. Competition between the two would create a split in the airlines used in each and would need increased trains buses etc. between the two airports.

Heathrow is also Britains and Europes (and one of the worlds) biggest and busiest airports and only has 2 runways. Compare that to major airports in other countries.

Middlesex was my 4th option, without checking it am happy to go with that option!!

Must admit that walking in Richmond Park is a good place to plane spot. I agree that we ( as a country) need to ensure that we retain a leading global hub airport. My main concern with Heathrow is that it is hemmed in on all sides and in order to build a third runway would need to knock down 2 villages! As far as I know Gatwick and Stanstead have room to expand without that need.