Heated stone flooring and touchscreen windows shortlisted for the aviation "Oscars"

The future of airline cabins will be here sooner then you think and this could mean more of something everyone wants legroom. The Crystel Cabin Awards shortlisted 85 contenders for awards. Some of which include

1: Delta A350 First Class suite with the passengers very own seeled off cabin area

2: United Polaris Businesses Class which gives every passenger aisle accsess

3: Vision Systems window pane that projects flight information onto the aircraft’s window

4: GMBH with heated stone flooring

5: B/E smart cabin reconfiguration where if a row of seats is not used it can be folded away and moved, therefore, providing more legroom for passengers



The United business class sounded very interesting and smart.

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I like the Vision Systems window pane idea. I think the Future will be here sooner than I expected.


No that should not come or else the great days of watching from the window will be gone

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The fifth one looks better than others

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