Heat mirage/ vapor cones photoshopping test

Hey everyone!

I had the bright idea to try and photoshop heat mirage / vapor cones onto IF aircraft. The images below are the results.




Photoshop CS is way too expensive at the moment, so I used Sketches Pro and Photoshop Mix on my iPad.

What should I do next? Contrails? Commercial aircraft?

For the F-16’s exhaust I used an image of an F-16 which can be found here: (not my image) https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Condensation_trails_above_F-16_at_San_Diego_(2).jpg


How well did I do with these?

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What should I do next?

  • Squadron refueling (on solo, using photoshop to add the aircraft)
  • Landing tanker with heat blur
  • Formation of F-14’s with contrails

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You did better than I did with the F-22 Condensation! :)

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The cropping on the lead F-22 is terrible (it is midnight where I am πŸ˜‚) but I tried

Here’s another one, I really liked the idea of the afterburner affects in IF. One more and I’ll go to bed πŸ˜‚




Last one for the night. F-14 hit by a SAM. I tried to combine oil painting techniques with the style of infinite flight, but I’m not sure it turned out too well. Oh well.

I lied one more

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It looks like the jet has exploded πŸ˜…. But I do like the pictures in the main post πŸ‘.

Can you teach me? Lol I wil pay you I wanna make an IF instagram account and Post Photoshopped pics there!

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Sure! PM me.

These are incredible good job!

Aside from the F-14 formation, what else do you want to see?

  • More afterburner pics
  • Commercial aircraft with heatblur into the sunrise?
  • Less fighter aircraft?

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I tried doing contrails, and it’s not that great.

Does anyone know how to make edges clearer (less pixilated) on Mix?

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Up close IF is so pixel-y. Any way to increase the resolution??

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Could you help me out again on how to do these please :)) :((

can you do a 747 with contrails?