Heat issue

Phone get very hot while playing

Hi there! Try turning your screen brightness down and turning your graphics down to reduce the stress on your device.

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What I like to do is just put it by a fan or something cool, it works really well even just if it is only low setting


My device used to get very hot but then I placed it on a hard service, like my desk, and it didn’t heat up at all for even long haul flights.

I’ll just add on to this as I’ve experienced as such:

  1. Put your phone next to a fan mid flight,

  2. Restart your phone before you fly,

  3. Turn off any background apps so Infinite Flight is the only one that’s running,

  4. Open a window, air the heat in your room out, as well as turning your heating down, that kind of thing.



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Try to turn your screen brightness down, also activate low power mode and set your graphics low, that should help!

English is my second language, so sorry if I made a mistake

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