Heat Haze

When aircraft are taking off, there is a trail of gas behind them. If added, it will make IF more realistic.
Real Image
Edited IF image:



Nice edit tho :)


You man the exhaust heat?


Nice idea, but I think both topics are similar…


I think he means contrails

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Yea I think he mean exhaust. Would be cool though.

Actually i also intended to request this back then but i didn’t know how to word it…Thanks @Parsa for this…The engines are so dead without this…they’re literary off!I would love this more than any other fancy staff…upgrades the level of realism…especially if it varies with thrust input

That’s actually a really nice edit! :)

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Would be best if both topics are merged together


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This would lag horribly, even on newer devices, but especially on older ones. As with the pushback tugs, they come with your imagination.

Nice edit! I can see this being done with shaders, if IF uses OpenGL (ES) for graphics. It is a really nice effect. But, considering that other planes in live aren’t drawn with the highest levels of detail in terms of livery textures, at the moment, I doubt something like this would ever be added to live. Although it could be though…

This is somewhat already there. You don’t vividly see it at takeoff but if you are parked and look out the right wing view with anti-alias on you see animation for engine exhaust.

What are you actually asking for though? What is in that picture is a heat mirage from engine exhaust. However, some planes, especially those with older engines do produce a faint, black exhaust trail. Then there is also contrails, which are the white clouds that sometimes form behind the engine when the air is saturated.

All 3 are very different things, though all of them would be neat additions.

Oh wait, there is? How about the left wing view?

I’m pretty sure this is for the jetblast wave you see… (as he has edited his IF screenshot to show us)

Not here to pick a fight.

I went to search for feature requests regarding contrails but there are two, and the one that has 1 feature request in its post actually got redirected to an older request with multiple requests in its post…

Check them out anyway:

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I should add those engine exhaust effects onto every one of my screenshots from now on! xD

Your drawings too! ;)

Don’t burn yourself xD

how can i do that… i guess i can smudge in a little bit of grey…

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It is a also visible on the left but not by much, just a little.

Download Aviary and blur the behind of the engines