Heat Haze Sucks @ KLAS

I tried.

When it gets hot in Vegas or anywhere really, you get these little heat haze waves. The little heat haze waves don’t cause much of an issue for anyone not a photographer. If you do take pictures in heat haze, they capture the little wavey lines, and make the shot look like garbage.

And it was only like 75 degrees out when I shot these, so don’t be expecting quality pictures from me in the coming months when we hit 110.

Now to my topic.

This is a continuation of my last spotting topic where I photographed the German Government A350. Took these pictures on the same day :)

Helicopter Conga Line

For some reason the tour companies only send their choppers in groups of 5+… Safety in numbers?

Allegiant A319-111

Not much to really say here.

Sands Corp. 737BBJ

This bad boy rolled out of his 26L arrival and went directly onto the taxiway in front of me, gave me this great shot. aside from the heat haze

Alaska 737-900ER

Totally NOT run through DeNoise AI. My favorite Alaska Livery & Shot of the day.

Southwest 737-800

It totally wasn’t ruined by heat haze and camera blurriness…

United 737-800

heat haze and blurry

Southwest 737-700 ft. Delta A320

Notice the Delta plane landing in the distance.

Spirit A320neo

Second favorite shot of the day.

Well, that’s all for today! Thanks for taking a quick look :)

Favorite Shot
  • Helicopter 1
  • Helicopter 2
  • Allegiant A319
  • Sands Corp. 737
  • Alaska 738
  • Southwest 738
  • United 738
  • Southwest 737
  • Spirit A20N

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Great photos Alec! Gotta love the banana bus. But the helicopter is really cool as well.

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Amazing shots! Do you remember what day they were taken?

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Hecc yeah. Nice shots!

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March 14th if I remember right.

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Cool! That means that depending on the day of when these were taken, the Alaska Airlines livery is now the OneWorld Livery!

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I have his registration so I’ll look quick.

EDIT: Its N491AS, couldn’t find anything about the repaint online.

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I doubt it’s a safety thing. Check the time, probably all leaving on the hour or half hour or something since you would schedule a like 4pm tour or whatever which would result in all the tours starting around the same time. That’s what I would assume at least.

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Yep, at the time these were taken, I was down by the Grand Canyon helicopters, they both take-off in groups of 3-5. Theres a couple more heli operators nearby that send theirs up 15 minutes after. It’s more of a safety thing so it’s not overcrowded.

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Nice shots in that hot weather @Alec! Perks of living on the east coast ;)

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These are awesome, I’ll be preparing myself for the haze in June😂

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Love that private 737 shot. I’ve never experienced heat haze. Sounds like a bummer.

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Neat shots, especially the AS738.

alaska’s new livery sucks the old one (and the interim livery) is so much better

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Well, fantastic pictures anyways! The heat haze is barely noticeable, and traffic, perspectives and surrounding scenery are great as always :)
Really well done, thanks for sharing!

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So little fun fact of the day. I flew on the EXACT same helicopter when I took my vacation to Vegas. We flew to the Grand Canyon. Great thread mate!

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Pretty cool!

Cool photos alec

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