HeartLand Virtual Airways | Official Thread | #ConnectingMidwest #NewCargoAircraft

This is the Official Thread of HeartLand Virtual Airways
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Welocme to Heartland Airways VA! Here at Heartland, it is our goal to give the wonderful people of IF, a VA that is fun to be a part of, and that is also active week in and week out! Our overall big goal at Heartland though is to one day be that IF VA that pops right into your head whenever you think of a VA to join! Below, I will show you some more information about our wonderful VA, Heartland Airways!

HeartLand Virtual Airways is very excited to Connect you to the Midwest United States!


Heart Land Virtual Airways was founded upon AllegiantAir, He decided to see what people would join his HeartLand Discord and then they may become a staff member, Rowdy Kepler was the first to join and instantly new that he could help make this upcoming Virtual Airline Big! So he asked AllegiantAir if he could build routes and start helping this VA and Build a website, AllegiantAir Knew that he had found his COO HeartLand Airways has routes all around the US Midwest and one hub KIDA (Idaho Falls Regional) that is more towards the Pacific Northwest to add more routes towards that side of the US! HeartLand has a Great Regional Fleet of aircraft which you can find at the Fleet Page, HeartLand VA is based on Discord a Great Communication app Like Slack just having Unlimited Storage and Voice Chats for Free, HeartLand is based on the Mobile Flight Simulator “Infinite Flight” If you decide to fly with us we hope to keep you satisfied!


CEO/Founder- @AllegiantAir

COO, Google, Website, and Discord Manager - @Rowdy_Kepler

Chief Pilot- Vacant

Moderator’s - @Delta_Alpha_Lima

Event Manager- Vacant

Recruiting Manager- Vacant

Flight Logger- Vacant

Routes Manager- @Connor_Seymour

Social Media Manager- Vacant

Trainer [Can be Multiple] - Vacant

HeartLand Fleet & Ranks

0-1 hours - Trainee (C208) Short Haul
1-5 Hours - First Officer (Erj 170) Short/Medium Haul
5-20 Hours Senior First Officer (A319) Medium/Long Haul
20-35 Hours - Captain (737-700) Medium/Long Haul
35-60 Hours - Trusted Captain (A318 ACJ) Short/Medium/Long Haul
60+ Hours - Senior Captain (A321), MD11F, DC-10F Medium/Long Haul


Our Hubs are KSTL, KMSP, and KIDA
KSTL Routes
KMSP Routes
KIDA Routes
Routes are still being added, and being edited! so don’t be discouraged!

Training Program

The HeartLand Training Program will be very simple, When you first join HeartLand you will be Welcomed to our Discord Channel and be given the In Training role, To get to be a Trainee you must pass a small practical, it is in the Cessna 172, and you must fly 2 Full Patterns and Land at a smooth rate each time, There will be a trainer on duty watching and they will score you by Take Off Rate, Altitude, Headings, alignment with runway, Smoothness, Taxi, Parking, and ATC Use (All practicals will be held at KIDA A hub of HeartLands)


Qatar Virtual, HeartLand Virtual and Sun Country Virtual are part of this Alliance #bestbuds
The Infinite Goers Alliance was founded upon by Rowdy Kepler our COO If you’d Like your VA to become apart of Infinite Goers Please PM Rowdy_Kepler here on IFC https://heartlandvirtualairways.weebly.com/alliance.html


Heartland is using Discord for our VA!

HeartLand Virtual Airways wants Pilots and Staff members! Forms are shown below!

Pilot Application Form
Staff Application Form
You Can Also Find More Info On our website - https://heartlandvirtualairways.weebly.com/

Thank You For Reading the HeartLand Virtual Airways Thread We Hope To See You In The Skies


Thank you @Rowdy_Kepler for making the thread!

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Sure Thing! It’s time to Make this VA Huge!


Seems a bit unprofessional for a main thread. But good luck with your VA!


Well thought out thread, I like it. I wish the best for your VA!


Thank You Connor! I’m Glad you liked it


Thanks connor for the kind words!

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Go Check Out our Recruitment Event ! HeartLand VA Recruitment Event @ KIDA - 101700ZDEC17

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Good looking website! Wishing good luck to this original VA!

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Thank You For Your compliment! I put a lot of work into it!


Thank you @Johannes_koelsch for the kind words!


Love the airline I personally live in the midwest great place best of luck Ironman.

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We’d Like to welcome “Qatar VA” IMG_1190
as an Alliance with Infinite Goers! #bestbuds #infinitegoers


Welcome Sun Country Virtual Airline to Infinite Goers Alliance!
HeartLand is super excited to be allianced with this VA!

If you want your VA to Join this Magnificent Alliance PM @Rowdy_Kepler

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Go check out our Infinite Goers Alliance Thread that is now up! Infinite Goers Alliance #bestbuds #infinitegoers

HeartLand Virtual Airways is looking for more staff! We are going to be having a huge launch very soon of new things! So we need some more staff to help us make this launch amazing!!

Staff Application Form

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Just submitted an application


Welcome @Connor_Seymour As Our New Routes Manager!

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This Christmas, Heartland will be unvealing something we have been working on for a while, aswell as another little present for you! Stay tuned!

We have also reached an agreement with DHL Virtual for a partnership! Cannot wait to see what else the future brings!


HeartLand Virtual Airways is very Excited to Welcome our Christmas Special!! We have added “HeartLand Cargo!” This has added the MD-11F and DC-10 F (Generic Liveries) to our fleet! Senior Captain Now can fly the Cargo Planes! More Routes will be added for our Cargo only flights! And All Ranks have been down graded by 5 hours so now its easier to get the higher Ranks!! We hope this adds to our Virtual Airline! If you have any questions or concerns Please PM Me or @AllegiantAir

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