HeartLand VA Recruitment Event @ KIDA - 101700ZDEC17

HeartLand Virtual Airways is proud to present our very first event! This event will take place at one of our Hubs Idaho Falls Regional Airport (KIDA) Then we will be heading to Lambert- ST.Louis International Airport (KSTL) Another one of our Hubs and then off to Minneapolis International Airport (KMSP) Another Hub and we will park for a big photoshoot!

KIDA Gates/Ramps

Terminal Ramp 1 - @AllegiantAir
Terminal Ramp 2 - @Rowdy_Kepler
Terminal Ramp 3 - @John_Ryan
Ramp C 1 - @AmericanAirlines2739
Ramp B 1 - @Planespotterdca
Ramp A 1 - @Delta_Alpha_Lima
Ramp A 2 - Vacant
Ramp A 3 - Vacant
Ramp A 7 - Vacant
Ramp A 8 - Vacant

If you’d Like a Gate/Ramp please ask below!

Server: Training

Airport: KIDA


Time: 1700Z

Aircraft: ERJ- 170, A318 ACJ, A319 Generic, A320 Generic, A321 Generic, or 737-700BBJ (HeartLands Jet fleet)

NOTAM Please copy the Flight Plan from Callsign HLAW2 AKA IFATC- Rowdy Kepler, Or Copy from HLAW1 AKA AllegiantAir, Please also fly one of our aircraft listed Above!

Dont forget to also check out our Main Thread! HeartLand Virtual Airways | Official Thread | #ConnectingMidwest #NewCargoAircraft And our website- https://heartlandvirtualairways.weebly.com/
If you have any further questions please PM Me! Thanks!


Can I take a gate please

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That is. That was so quick. Thank you

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Yea haha Thanks for Wanting to come!

Cannot wait till this event! Definitely will be fun.

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I am upmost pleased to be a Moderator for you guys! Great looking VA! Hope we pursue a great journey in the VA community!


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This event should be a whole lot of fun !

What day will this event take place

The 9th of December so Saturday This week

To add onto what Rowdy said, the exact time is: December 9, 2017 at 1900 Zulu or 1 PM your time. @AmericanAirlines2739

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Can I join the flight please?

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Can I have a gate please. It starts at 0500 where I live so hopefully I can make it.

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You’ve been added! Thanks for joining

Actually sorry, it’s too early in the morning for me, I can’t come.

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HeartLand is super excited about our first event! We hope more pilots want to join! Just leave a Comment below to join!

Can’t believe we havent gotten more pilots! Come Join the Event!

Patience is key, friend. You might go months with only 1 pilot, maybe even none. That is why we make these type of events, to recruit pilots.


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Im saying as an Event Pilot, Not many pilots flying for the event ;)

The event is going to be delayed until IOS receives the new MD-11. I will let you all know when the event will be in the coming hours. Anyone is welcome to join still!

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With the MD-11 update out on both IOS and Android the event is back on! I will tell you later what exact time we will take off at!