Heartland Airways Escape from Winter @ KSTL - 122300ZJAN18

Server: Training

Region: Error 404, Page not found

Airport: KSTL

Time: 2300Z



  • Please Spawn in 15 minutes before the start of the event to make sure you are there and have copied the FPL

  • Stay spawned in after the flight to get a group shot for the VA.

  • Do not pass me while in the air, as it makes no sense to have a leader not leading the event.*

Flight Information

Cruising Altitude: 31,000 FT
Cruising Speed: Mach 0.78
Amount of Fuel: about 3:00 Hrs of fuel

Flight Plan

(The Flight Plan will be made the day before the event)

Gate Information

Terminal F78: @AllegiantAir
Terminal F79: @WardellStephenCurry
Terminal F80:
Terminal F81:
Terminal F82:
Terminal F83:

(More Gates will be added if needed)

About Heartland Airways

Heart Land Virtual Airways was founded upon AllegiantAir, He decided to see what people would join his HeartLand Discord and then they may become a staff member, HeartLand Airways has routes all around the US Midwest and one hub KIDA (Idaho Falls Regional) that is more towards the Pacific Northwest to add more routes towards that side of the US! HeartLand has a Great Regional Fleet of aircraft which you can find at the Fleet Page, HeartLand VA is based on Discord a Great Communication app Like Slack just having Unlimited Storage and Voice Chats for Free, HeartLand is based on the Mobile Flight Simulator “Infinite Flight” If you decide to fly with us we hope to keep you satisfied!

Website: https://heartlandvirtualairways.weebly.com/

Official Thread: HeartLand Virtual Airways | Official Thread | #ConnectingMidwest #NewCargoAircraft

If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me and I will answer your question! We are also looking for staff members so if you would like to be one, please PM me! Hope to see you all there!


Event is 6 days away!

I’ll join gimme a gate

Roger I’ve added you!

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