Heartbreaking doing ATC in Training server - Ideas?

nice to meet you all.

I would open this topic to find a solution about ATC in training server.

Every day is always worse… some player ruin the game because they don’t follow the ATC instruction and furthermore spam the frequency.
The other people who wanna play seriously but are still grade 2 cannot have a nice gaming experience.

I propose that ATC with grade 4 can report/ghost pilot with grade 2 (because grade 2 are the most problematic), and to add button “check tutorials on forum”, “please follow atc instructions or you will be ghosted”.

I love doing ATC but I’m not an IFACT for expert server, so I’ve to stay on training server and I want to improve it!

That’s my thought.
Let me know what you think.

If you are going to complain that much, go to expert

I would be strongly against this because in the world of Infinite Flight, grade really means nothing. I’ve seen countless Grade 4’s and 5’s flying in a manner which is never tolerated on the Expert Server.

In regards to your desire to improve your controlling on the Training Server, I would advise you to open smaller fields which are further away from the main hubs (these hubs being EGLL, KLAX, KJFK, etc) as the users who like to mess around will usually flock to these fields.

From my previous experience, opening a smaller, out-of-the-way field on Training Server will get you a couple of well-behaved pilots. It may take a little while, but you just need to stick around and traffic will build up.

I haven’t checked your profile yet, but if you create an ATC Tracking Thread for times you want to control on Training, users from the Community here can come out and fly for you and give you some feedback.


Controlling in expert server for 1 year. I’ve seen grade 5 misbehaves and newly grade 3 knows the procedures. So this would be unfair. Grade in IF just shows how much time you spent flying. Not the efficiency to follow ATC instructions.


I know you have your points, but there has already been like 8 threads this week about this topic and they have all been closed with answers that you can go read if you wish. Like said above you can always go to the Expert Server instead. If they allowed Grade 4 pilots to ghost or even Grade 5 no matter the grade people would do dumb stuff with the grade and ghost random people and cause chaos. Also, you can’t ghost on the Training Server for a reason. It’s simply training and for new pilots that want a little more realistic procedures. Sure, some people will mess around and that sucks but unless your on expert you can’t expect too much from people.

Thank you bro

If you like to control i suggest making an atc tracking thread like stated above and reading the #tutorials for atc and how to use everything and read the manual/handbook for more info and watch the videos as well👍

Please don’t complain about training server as it’s a “training” server for a reason. If you don’t like it go to expert please

Discounted answer… I wrote I’m not enabled to do ATC in expert, maybe in the future but the problem will remain. Certainly when I want to fly as a pilot, I always go to expert.

For the other members: I understand grades are not so important, but don’t focus on exceptions.
Anyway we must do something because training server is now similar to casual server and we should respect members grade 2 who pay every month and want to play seriously and learn.

Otherwise when they arrive on the expert server, they will be ghosted in 2 minutes. Also for me sometime ago…
I believe al least “check tutorials on forum” and “follow atc instr.” are very important button and can be added…
Think about it to solve and improve the training server (casual server 2).

Have fun you all!

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It’s the training server; a place for pilots and ATC to train. Usually ends up being an absolute… clown show in there. There’s literally nothing you can do about it. Complaining certaintly won’t help.

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My purpose is not to complain, but to stimulate the community to bring ideas to improve the training server. Instead the community you just flag my post. Don’t be so nervous! First of all we are here to have fun and improve the game.
Relax and have a nice day guys.

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It’s training server for a reason. Fly on expert if you don’t like it

It was not me who flagged your post.

Nobody’s nervous. As of now, there is no plans to improve the training server, for example, make it more strict and professional. That’s called the expert server. The training server is where people train, as I said before. It’s free choice for people to do ATC and fly with the rules.

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Dear Tyler, did you read?
I always fly on expert as a pilot.
I was talking about doing ATC.

Plenty of existing threads on the topic.