Heart Aerospace ES-19

The Heart Aerospace ES-19 is an aircraft under development for the start-up aviation company Heart Aerospace in Sweden. Heart Aerospace is a Swedish company based in Gothenburg that is developing the Heart Aerospace ES-19 electric aircraft for 19 passengers with a range of 400 kilometers.

About the Aircraft

  • Crew 2
  • Passengers 19
  • Starting distance 750 m
  • Top speed 215 kn
  • Range 400 km
  • Engines 4 electric motors

The ES-19 is a fully electric aircraft, and there goal is to have the aircraft certified for commercial operation by 2026.

United Airlines have placed an revolutionary order for 100 heart aerospace aircraft

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I couldn`t find anymore informations about the aircraft this is all i have

I believe this shouldn’t be added in the game.

No liveries for it, it hasn’t even taken flight so the physic info isn’t there.

Maybe when it actually takes flight and more airlines order it, then yes.


Like Ahmed said, since we don’t have much information about physics and such, and the electric plane concept is very new, it will take a while for it to come to IF.

However, it would be a cool addition to IF and a great addition for the Infinite Flight regional aircraft selection.

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I can see this coming in 2027.

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I heard that since it’s electric it’s gonna be so quiet that IF won’t even have a sound pack for it.


I know it´s not supposed to be added right now it´s supposed to be added later once it has taken it´s first flight and when Airlines have started operating it. I know that it will take like 5 to 6 years until we get it in IF.