Heard an IFC member


While I was flying I heard bok bok chicken on the ATC tower. That’s the first time I’ve heard bok bok chicken 😂😂


You can post that here.

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That’s a moderator his name is @Chris_S

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A couple of our community moderators have fun custom callsigns like that. I think you heard @Chris_S, he’s been “bok bok chicken” for a while.


I only started flying again today and first time I’ve heard a moderator on expert server


Yep, you just have to know where to look ;)


arghhhh im always late

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That’s Chris, he’s a moderator. People decide to make silly callsigns here and there such as DeerCrusher’s Gordon Ramsay callsign.

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Rogue Two and Mary Poppins as well ;)

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Yea my friend heard that while I was flying and looked at me all crazy eyed lol.

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