I’m currently flying from Doha to Amman in a Qatar A320, I’m currently dealing with 42 KT headwind, I’m cruising at FL320, What are my options? I have tried changing my altitude, nothing has worked.

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This shouldn’t be in support but just keep on going lol. Headwinds aren’t ideal but you have to deal with the.

Support category is for issues, not in-flight issues.

Ok, any suggestions?

There you have it. Suggestion.

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I’m not so sure about this, but what is considered to be the “normal” or acceptable headwind range?

42 kts headwind is NOTHING, and you should have taken that into fuel calculations anyways. :) It’s when you start coming up to 130-150kts headwinds you can start thinking about changing your cruise altitude to hit another jetstream

Head winds are natural- and 42 knots is nothing to worry about- all a head wind at that speed will do is cause your flight time to be pushed back a little bit- and you may have a bit of a bumpy ride depending on gusts and such

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You should download “Windy”. It will help to see where the winds are heading at different altitudes.