Headwind Glitch

Today on my flight from HND to LAX I am experiencing strange headwinds at 40 kts which seem like they are going to delay my flight about an hour. I’ve been having this experience very often on training server, which is what I use.

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This isn’t a glitch. It’s what winds are like on higher altitudes.


But I’m heading east. Don’t you experience tailwinds when heading east?

Not always, there could be headwinds as well

The Pacific looks rather, all ways…

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I think what @schyllberg is trying to say here @Rohan2 is that the winds around the world are an ever changing rainbow tie-dye t-shirt. ;)

In all seriousness though, winds are not always going to stay the same. The higher the altitude, typically the more winds you will find. Depending on your speed, location, and size of aircraft, that will determine how it affects you.

Wow. That makes a lot more sense now.

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