So im going to start flight school soon and i was think weather i should get an bose or an faro or the standard headsets

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Bose A20!!


would it be good for me as someone is starting flight training and someone who is hard of hearing

Well I honestly don’t think you need a Bose to start flying. Getting your license will be costly enough, no need to spend $1000 into headsets…
You should probably use the ones from your flight school at first.

If you really want to buy fancy headsets, go for the Marv Golden David Clark.That’s the one I use. Relatively cheap, excellent quality.


i will look into the the headset and thanks for the advice

Try David Clark’s. Dont spend money on an expensive headset until your positive your gonna have a career in avaiation. You go out and buy A20s, then you somehow faul your medical. Or you cant hack it and fail the practical (not saying you will just possibilitys) then thats a 1000 dollars wasted

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When I was training I had some old school DCs around 250-300 bucks. While those sets work perfectly, once I started to fly over 5-6 hrs a day almost 4 days straight I started to get headaches.

Had the A20s for 3 years now and would not get any other set.

As a student pilot I do NOT reccommend the bose A20 or any noise canceling or 1,200$ headset. As a student pilot you should listen to you aircraft and focus on the airplane and the sounds of the engine. Look at headsets like the sennheiser s12 passive. A good mid range readset.


I have a set of pilot-USA 1779s. They are fantastic, and won’t break the bank.

Lightspeed Zulu 2’s are great. Ive been using them for a few years now. Its the direct competitor to the A20’s. On the bright side, what I did to offset the cost was go to Ebay and buy a couple junk aviation headsets. Lightspeed will reimburse you via trade in program, and will let you use that “in store” credit towards the purchase of a new headset. In the end, my $900 headset was about $400. Something to look into. 😄 Best of luck in your flight adventures. You’ll enjoy it.

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Usually your flight school gives them to you to borrow during the lesson (at least the one I go to does). I would recommend spending the money on getting hours and lessons.

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True but usually the flight school headsets are not good. Unless you are going to Embry Riddle or something alike.

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I found it was fine. :/ Don’t remember the make, will check next time I go.

Eh my flight school had some fancy old school DCs! I still use them when I fly hehe. But I have to say that the Bose A20 is amazing. I tried one during a Cap 10 flight, it was wonderful!

The only problem is the price. 1000 bucks is too much for me.

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Bose all the way!

Used the Dc’s for quiete awhile then bought me a pair of used Bose X’s no Bluetooth but noise cancelling they are great.

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