Heads up for trolls

Not sure how to report people but I had a Turkish 787 (Fl 248 or something like that) blasted out of KCHS without any radio calls. I came in on Rwy 33 and he just took off right down rwy 15 without any regards to me. He didnt have a username listed but all of this happened on the expert server. Totally blew my approach from it.

Feel free to message @moderators about it. They will most likely be able to help.

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Hey there,

Apologies for this unpleasant experience. Next time this happens, do what Zhopkins mentioned and shoot us a message. We’re able to see and address it sooner than if you were to post it publicly on the forum as you did.

Thanks for the understanding and let us know if there is anything else further that we can assist you with.



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