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Another year, 5 reworked aircraft, and 3 fantastic updates!

What a year, huh? When we posted a similar topic last year, none of us could have expected what would happen in 2020. It’s been quite the year, and we hope everyone has been able to cope with the pressures it has put on all of us. We’re thankful for you being here, and we hope you have enjoyed all that has come to the simulator!

2021 is going to be a good one! We have several things in the works that will have a big impact on the simulator, and we are so excited to bring them to Infinite Flight when we can.

Staff and Moderator Availability

During this holiday period, our staff and moderation team will be taking a much-needed break, so availability may be limited. From the week of the 21st to the first week of January, please expect slower response times as our team spend time with their family and friends over this festive period.

We wish all who are celebrating in this holiday period a very happy time, and for those who are not, we hope you enjoy a few days off work or school!


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