Headless Horseman

Has anyone noticed all the Captains in the DC-10F /DC-10 series have no heads ! Just a body.

Am I very late to finally notice this ?

MD-11 's are ok.

Has this been addressed for a fix before?

It never ceases to amaze me that this stuff exists.
We can put Moritz all around the globe. But let this slip by QC 🤔

Oh well…the first officer will have to do all the work.

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Is there something wrong with this?

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This has been brought to attention before. Due to this such a minor issue, I doubt this is a priority. Hopefully this will be fixed in the future!

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Its been brought up, cool ! Its minor as function goes true.

The IF “dirty laundry list”

They always have “too much to do”
always to the goal line but but no goal.
always just a little short .almost there, but some issue, thats the model .

Maybe when there is time.

IF should be 5.99 per month 1/2 way. “Almost” worth 10.00 per month but not quite there.

oh well 😴

BTW that leads me to wonder how project Metal is progressing…next time there is a live Discord session, I’ll ask. 🤔

Just out of curiosity, what does this have to with a minor rendering issue?

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The last reply by the OP is inflammatory and ignores all information put out by Infinite Flight that addresses the issues raised. Disagreeing is fine. Gaslighting for its own sake and questioning the integrity and work ethic of this team isn’t.