When using autopilot and I need to turn my heading to idk let’s say 256 is there a way to make the plane not turn that hard! In reality the plane would never turn that steep or fast. Is there a way to control that?

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Adjust the heading only a few degrees at first then once the plane starts its turn you can change the heading to 256.


Could you show me how maybe in a video? Thanks

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Lets say your heading is 150 and you want to turn right to 200. Adjust your heading to 152 or so, so that the plane starts a slow turn and once the plane starts the turn, change the heading to 200 and the plane will have a more gradual turn

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Sorry man, I am not on infinite flight that often. Maybe someone else can? :)

Change the heading in 1 degree increments when initiating a turn. Once your plane is at max bank angle, you can increase to a 5-10 degree increment HDG change


Read this post (it requests to make the heading slower) if you want this feature to be added, go over to that post :)

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Do it manually, its a simpler way, it may be longer but you get what you want in the turn. Sorry Infinite Flight hasn’t added the features to change the heading slope.

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Someone else linked to my post in the commenrs here - I made it only a few days ago and it is about the EXACT same thing! I hope this is noticed, and tweaked :)

If you just start with small heading changes of one degree for the first 5-10 degrees you’ll be fine. No need to go through the trouble and unrealisticness (just created that word) of going turning manually every time. Unless you’re flying GA in which case flying manually is more common.

Yea your absolutely right! I will do that!