Heading to Paro soon (Tips)

Ok, I have created this topic to get IFC input on the best approach route into Paro airport. I know that the airport is surrounded by mountains and hills, but I don’t exactly know how to land safely.

If anyone has flown into Paro and has any tips that would be great!


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Hey! I linked a handy topic on the arrival procedures of this challenging airport below. Enjoy!


Heyy I’ve been to Paro and it’s personally one of the most fun airport to fly into. In the approach stage you have to fly relatively high maybe 10 or 11 thousand feet. On finals a lower speed is preferred as I use a 737-700 or A320 for this approach. On finals an airspeed of maybe 150 or 160 knts is ideal as there is some steep drops before the runway. On take off use a high flap config to take off as fast as possible. Trim of 25% is also ideal. I’ve been to Paro countless times so I know this is ideal but may vary depending on aircraft. Do not ever use widebodies. All the best and happy flying!!


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