Heading to PAE

I’ve lived in the Seattle area for about three years and I’ve only made it up to PAE a few times. Headed there this weekend for photos. Anything in particular that anyone wants to see? I’m hoping to see the BB-8 ANA 787, but I think it’s at CHS right now.


Airbus A350 :)

Isn’t it painted on the B777-300ER?

Was that sarcasm? :/

No. Would love to see an photo of it. if he catch one :)

Yes. There is a BB-8 777-300ER, R2-D2 787-9 and a BB-8/R2-D2 767-300ER.

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Psst… PAE is Boeing’s main factory…

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Sorry, didtn know that :/

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The BB8 is on a 777-300(maybe ER idk)

It’s on 2 aircraft, a 767 and a 777.

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Oh ok… Got it now👍

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You’re right, brain fart

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