Heading to Amman using Qatar Airways

Hey all,
I will be heading from AUH to AMM using QR airways
We will drive from Ruwais Housing Complex to AbuDhabi in 29 of June to sleep in Priemer inn AbuDhabi Intl airport hotel for 2 days, then in July 1 at 12:00AM we will check in then wait tell the boarding starts, then we will board and we will takeoff expected at 1:50AM QR 1041 then we will land at Doha then we will wait for 2h15min tell the next flight to Amman then we will drive to irbid
Planes and Times

AUH-DOH QR1041 787 1:50AM
DOH-AMM QR402 77W 4:15AM
Time mentioned above is in Zulu

Please track me and post screenshots down and I will take pics and post it down
Thank you all


Can’t wait for the pictures!

Bumping this, less than 1 week to go, Checkin is at 1:50AM Zulu 48h before the flight, really excited to fly the 787 and 77W, and excited for taking the photos, videos and meeting my families and Friends

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my Hype began to increase tons per second.

Seat Selection:-

QR1041 15A&B

QR402 11A&B

Part one is done (Ruwais to AbuDhabi) i enjoyed the bus for 2.5h! We reached the airport Hotel 5:50AM Zulu, and i will wait for 4h till we go to the airport, some photos
Where i live:-

On road:-

Some Photos of Planes in AUH from the bus, and the hotel roof:-


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Thabk you bro, wait for the other pics!

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Not like last week, it reached last week 51°C about 123.8°F now its 40°C about 104°F, its hot, but you need jacket because the temp of the AC is 10-15°C

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Exactly! that’s why i hate Summer here

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Photos Soon in a new topic in #real-world-aviation:spotting

Small Brief of the Flights
We entered AUH 1h before Check in, when opened we dropped our bag and we stamped the passports and we went to T3 then back to T1, I prayed Fajr and they called on the flight, i was the guy who entered the plane, then for some problems in the airport our flight was delayed 1h and
the pilot made intersection departure to reach early, Many ppl missed their flights’ to MAN.
We reached 1h05min late, because of that we parked at DOH in the Cargo, we had 1h to the next flight, we ran because the gate was so far.

Rating for flightQR1041 out of 10

Timing 6
Services 10
IFE 10 greatest IFE ever
Food 10 it was egg sandwich with Cupcake
Smoothness of takeoff 10
smoothness of landing 8
Overall 9

AUH Rating 9 (little bit old)

DOH rating 10

Flight was also delayed for 15m and we reached 7m late

we boarded the seats were much relaxable than the other one
we took off, i took a lot of photos, then we ate, beef with tomato sauce and mashed potato and grilled potato, Crossant, butter with strawberry, fruits, water and orange juice. DELICIOUS!!
We landed and we stamped our Passports, we waited our bags for 1h15min…

Rating for QR402 out of 10

Timing 10(yea I love delayes without having a flight after this or in a long transit)
Services 10
IFE 10
Food 10
Smoothness of takeoff 10
smoothness of landing 8
overall 9

AMM rating 8(due of late luggage)

Questions? ask me down!

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