Heading Showing 360 Instead of 0!

First time I noticed this!

The heading is displayed as 360!
You can’t select 360 by hand, but when you turn the aircraft manually and hit HDG when you reach 360, that is the number that will be displayed. :)



Wow must of been odd for u

I think it’s funny. :)

It should always say 360 instead of 0. Showing 0 is something that will need to be fixed in the future.


It’s a bug. Bugs go into #support. Don’t always go by the book.

Ah, OK!
I am so used to seeing “0” all the time that I thought “360” was a fluke.

Think about it. You never hear “turn heading 0”. You always hear “turn heading 360”.

Omg yes your right this is definitely a bug

Yeah, I just did. Makes total sense.
Weird that this wasn’t found/mentioned earlier.

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