Heading Problem in Short Finals

I have been having problems lately when I practice short finals with the heading ON. When I press heading the aircraft starts turning to a different heading that is different from the runways heading. If anyone could help me I’d be very pleased,thanks and fly safe 💯

Could you explain it a bit more? Do you mean: You are flying RWY heading and then turn the heading A/P on and the plane flies a different heading? Does it fly a completely different heading or just 1°-2°?

Because runway headings aren’t exactly on the integer values. On short final, you should always be manually controlling heading.

[Edit: Also wind…

I left it out originally because you’re in Solo, but I suppose you could have given yourself a crosswind.]


But one example. Good luck setting your AP to that heading:


It changes to a complete different heading but @Tim_B has told me how to fix it, but anyways thanks for helping me out👌🏼

Yeah I should be doing that, sometimes I use the heading when I want to practice making the landing as smooth as possible but from now on I’ll do the landing manually, thank you very much👍