Heading locks after leaving the replay in solo.

If you go on solo, then select landings, and select a heading, go to replay and then hit live, your heading is locked. You cannot turn, although the plane does veer to one side sometimes. The heading “block” is not highlighted either.


  1. Any plane
  2. Select landing in solo at any airport
  3. Set the AP heading
  4. Go into the replay and go out again by hitting “live”

I am on iOS 9.2 IPad Air.

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Turning AP on and off helps.

Yes, but you shouldn’t have to do that anyway. Should still be highlighted at least.

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Wow this is A long Time bug !

I figured it out myself. Hadn’t looked for it on the forum. Forgot all about it.

Yeah I figured it out just by chance too. But it should be highlighted.

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