Heading increments

While I was in the Approach Controller position at KSEA, I was having difficulty getting aircraft to fly straight north on a heading of 344 since heading can only be set by increment of 10 degrees.
I realize that even at increments of 10, I have to scroll quite a ways down just to get to the 340 and 350, but I was wondering if there was some manageable way to allow for smaller increments so I can get aircraft to follow a straight north and south path?

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You don’t need to align him on the runway, it’s his job he has to… I vector that person to the starting of the ILS and I clear him after on he contacts tower and it’s his job to align :stuck_out_tongue:

I am talking about when they start about 30 miles out and I need them to fly straight north orth adjacent to a north-south runway before turning south into the ILS, specifically when coming from Portland and landing KSEA 16R.
Traffic from Portland has to go through HAWKZ then northeast 20 degrees to BREVE and straight North to RAYUU before the turn to 16.
Can’t do straight North 343/344, so last night I started the north turn either early or later to get them over RAYUU which was not the best way to do it.

Just vector them to BERVE or any other waypoint ;)

No need for this, the 6 years I have been flying only a few times a year we have been vectored on a 5 degree heading like 015/325. 99.5 out of 100 ATC uses 10degrees… 010/020/030 etc…

Yup, last night I just started the turn 5 degrees earlier to get them to the critical waypoint in the north. Seemed to work.

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