Heading for Big Apple

Hello fellow community members,
Today it was an amazing FNF for me. I did a route that I really loved with beautiful scenery and views. My inspiration for this flight was FR24, I picked a flight and this flight suddenly came up.

route: EGLL-KJFK
aircraft: Delta a330-300
flight time: 7:24 hours
my oppinion: amazing flight, recommended👍

Takeoff from EGLL

Shot from the back side of the plane while the sun is rising

Tried to create a sun shot (opposite of a moonshot)

Arriving in the Big Apple, was a bit busy and saw some fellow community members there :)

i did not edit the photos for if you want to know

no rights reserved, you want the pics you can take them😄

Please say what you think about the pics in the comments😊


Nice landing pic. Hope you buttered.

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Thanks you very much. I kinda greased (I think)
Touchdown a bit to early, but was nice 😃

Loving the pics (:

@Mattheus Hope he what?


Thank you :)

Very cool photos ☺️👍🏽 first one is my favorite

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Thank you for your kind words.
I think the first one is cool too. I put freedom in such a way that it is like a sort of spotters view✈

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The quality of these photos is outstanding! Great job!


Thank you, I tried my best to give them a final touch. Hope I succeeded according to you guys😃

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I tried to edit one of the photos…
What do you guys think?

How can you guys capture a full moon like that?
I really want to know

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Wow nice scenic flight and beautiful photos 😀

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Lol, it’s a sun @teddyknowsbest😂.

And thank you for your kind words @hutggd, really means a lot😄❤️

Don’t matter. How do you do it

Well, idk actually…
I’ve had a lot of missed moons😶. And like after the moonshot I didn’t knew how😂. But just keep on practicing and eventually you will have a stunning moonshot.

like this one

This thing works too, trust me